People Near or In Retirement

If you are nearing retirement or already retired, your financial goals and objectives take on a more urgent focus.  There are crucial decisions to make that can affect your happiness in the next few years and your financial security later in life.  Lumin Financial can partner with you and your family to establish your financial goals and objectives and create a meaningful plan for retirement.

Longer life expectancies, future wage uncertainty, rising healthcare costs, or the need to support aging parents are just a few issues that can challenge your retirement plan.  Your habits and desires will likely change as you get older.

How Long Will Your Money Last?

The prospect of outliving your assets might be a very real concern, and it can depend on a variety of factors, such as when withdrawals will begin, how much you’ll “need vs. want,” how long you’ll live, or how a serious illness might impact the family.  We’ll help you plan ahead and anticipate important questions, for example:

  • As financial markets change, how will withdrawals be affected?
  • What is the best age to start taking Social Security benefits?
  • As my investments grow, how do I minimize taxes?
  • How do I prepare for unexpected medical, home-health or assisted living costs?